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10 things most voters don’t know

The Georgia Election Code is complicated.  It is not intuitive.  Here are 10 things Georgia voters should know before they vote in an election:

1.  If you are healthy, it is a felony to allow someone else to mail or deliver your absentee ballot for you.

2.  Never take a picture inside a voting booth.

3.  Avoid wearing politically related clothing into a precinct.  Although you do have a first Amendment right to free expression, there is a line.  It is vague.  You have other things to do than be the test case.

4.  Precincts must be set up in a certain way, to give voters privacy from one another but to enable precinct workers to monitor the room.

5.  If you vote on a DRE machine, and the machine does not record your vote, it has not been calibrated properly.  Report this immediately to an election worker.

6.  Never sign the name of a family member to a petition to put an independent candidate on the ballot.  It is considered forgery.

7.  Municipal elections in Georgia are non-partisan.  There will be no party labels next to the candidates on the ballots.

8.  There is no same day registration and voting in Georgia.  In order to vote in an election, you must register at least five weeks before the election.

9.  Especially if you are not a United States citizen, read the Motor Voter documents carefully when you get your license.  These are legal documents and if you unlawfully register to vote, you could be prosecuted and subject to deportation.

10. If you offer anything of value to someone else to get them to vote, from money to free coffee, you have committed bribery.  You may, however, give someone a stamp to mail in their absentee ballot (but don’t mail it in for them!)